• Utra Thin 24v IP20 Cuttable 12W COB Led Strip
  • Utra Thin 24v IP20 Cuttable 12W COB Led Strip
  • Utra Thin 24v IP20 Cuttable 12W COB Led Strip
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Utra Thin 24v IP20 Cuttable 12W COB Led Strip

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  • 100000/m
COB LED Strip Feature 1. Good flexibility, easy to bend and to shape. 2. Professional structure design, high transparency and high brightness. 3. Using silicone material, anti-yellow edge, high temperature resistance, can be used in outdoor or bad weather. 4. Anti-corrosion, anti-acid and alkali, can be used in extremely harsh environment, good waterproof performance.

COB LED Strip Products Description

ItemCOB Strip Light
Voltage 12V/24V
PCB Thickness2oz/3oz
PCB ColorWhite/Black/Gloden


led flexible strip light

COB Picture

led strip lamp

24v led cob strip light

led flexible strip light
led strip lamp


COB is the abbreviation of the Chip On Board. That means is to directly package the chip on the circuit board. It is a kind of LED integrated package technology, the newest innovation in 2019. COB LED Strip Lights, which called cob led ligt tape, has high dentisy chips and prodvides a completely uniform light line without any light dot or dark area. It's very different from normal smd led strip light, it only has chip inside, that's why cob led strip can be single row even if 320/480/545/608/840 chips.

24v led cob strip light


1 .Signage Lighting (outdoor advertising)
2. Outdoor or indoor decorative lighting (including bars,with excellent color reproduction and high power color dynamic application.)
3 .Architectural Contour lighting(High-end hotels and waterfront parks, architecture facade lighting solution)
4. Waterproof lighting (Swimming pools,underwater applications and resorts, and luxury yachts,decorations, amusement parks and aquarium)

led flexible strip light

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