Production Capacity and User Instructions

  1. The production strip is 30000M/Month.

  2. Please choose correct power supply for led strips. The total power of the led strip is about 80% of the power supply, and it cannot be fully

  3. loaded to ensure that the power supply works at the correct and stable voltage.

  4. We suggest 5 meters/roll for the led strip.If it is over 5 meters length, the brightness of LED will vary greatly.If the customer can accept the

  5. case, length can be made over 5 meters/roll.

  6. Adhesive tape on the back side of the strip,with its superior adhesive and weather resistance, and can be connected to any transparent glass, metal and plastic surface. But on some certain surfaces, such as cloth, wood, will affect its function and durability.Please test the adhesion of the led strip before installation.

  7. Please pay special attention to the minimum bending diameter of the led strip is 60mm, so as to avoid direct or indirect damage to FPC and components on FPC, which may lead to damages of the strip .

  8. In order to ensure waterproof and anti-corrosive function , after the power line is screwed into the connector, it is recommended to inject the connector with a single component of silica gel (or neutral glass glue, or waterproof grease) and cover the exposed copper wire of the power line for protection.

  9. The non-waterproof led strip shall not be completely exposed for outdoor use. Do not touch or install the strip when it is charged.

  10. It is recommended to use switch power supply that has passed relevant safety regulations (with short circuit protection, over voltage protection and over current protection).


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