Installation Requirement

1. Pay attention to handling with care.

2. Don't install the product in corrosion, flammable and explosive places;

3. It is strictly prohibited to use any acidic or alkaline adhesives to fix the product. Neutral adhesives are required;

4. In order to avoid the danger of electric shock, please cut off the power supply during process of installation,debugging and moving;

5. Ensure correct and reliable connection of all joints;

6. The product need anti-corrosion environment, such as, avoiding damp, water drop or other adverse elements.

7. The LED strip and accessories can't be squeezed or folded;

8. PCB conductive parts can't be damaged when installation;

9. Installation must conform to electrical safety standard. The LED strip can only be installed by Professionals;

10. Ensure power supply transform operating load with transformer;

11. When install on metal or conductor surface, insulation protection need to be provided to the contact area;

12. Observe positive and negative polarity, ensure correct connection to avoid damaging LED strip;

13. When installation, please prevent static electricity.


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